H-42 Clean Clippers Virucidal Anti-Bacterial Cleaner Spray 16oz

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H-42 Clean Clippers Virucidal Anti-Bacterial Cleaner Spray [16oz]

  • kills hiv-1 aids virus, Cleans & Lubricates Without Removing Blades. 
  • When used as directed, Virucidal Anti-Bacterial H-42 Clean Clippers will prevent the growth and transfer of bacteria from one cutting to the next.
  • also will keep your instruments in very good working order.
  • Virucidal Anti-Bacterial H-42 Clean Clippers will not cause rust or corrode your expensive tools, or harmful vapors that will endanger your health.


  • Turn clipper off and brush hair from blades.
  • Next, holding clipper in a downwards position and with clipper running, liberally spray blades to completely flush blades of all foreign matter.
  • Once blades are clean, turn clipper off and let blades remain wet for 10 minutes, then wipe clean.
  • Clipper is now ready for use.


  • oPhenylphenol - 1.0%, Inert Ingredients - 99.0%

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