NISHMAN Hair Styling Gel Wax B3 Flaming 150 ml

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NISHMAN Hair Styling Gel Wax B3 Flaming 150 ml

  • its a water-based hair styling wax that helps style your hair without leaving any residue.

  • In addition to providing shine, it maintains its permanence all day long.

  • The product is used to thicken hair and provide ultimate hold.

  • It offers the highest retention rate of the entire product range.

  • For men who want a strong hold but still sparkle.

  • It is designed to control all hair types and styles, including thick, coarse, wavy hair. It stays moist all day.

  • It is also used by women.

How to use:

  • Take a hazelnut-sized amount with the help of your fingers, spread it between your hands, and apply it to dry and damp hair, again with your hands.
  • It will come off easily with shampoo wash.
  • For healthier hair and more effective results, we recommend using Nishman salt & paraben-free shampoo.

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