NISHMAN After Shave Cologne 4 Lemon 400 ml

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NISHMAN After Shave Cologne 4 Lemon 400 ml

  • 04 lemon – ROBUST MASCULINE SCENT Version with Extra Freshness
  • One of the best from NISHMAN Cologne Series.
  • This cologne is a “perfect match for the Active Man”.
  • Comes in a 400ml suitable size & attractive bottles.
  • Known for it’s aromatic, masculine smell, which lasts all day long, and isn’t too overpowering on the senses.
  • A cologne that’s excellent value for money.
  • Ideal for all types of skin.
  • Comes in a family sized bottle.
  • Comforts the skin and refreshes.
  • Available in a 400ml special & attractive bottle.
  • It’s fragrance would last hours.
  • Masculine scent for the Active Man.
  • Size: 400 ml.
  • yellow bottle.

NOTE: in some cases you might get a regular caped bottle and not a sprayer.


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