Jatai Blade Glide Plus Spray 8oz

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Jatai Blade Glide Plus Spray 8oz

Elevate your grooming game with JATAI Blade Glide Plus, a revolutionary product that’s transforming the way stylists and barbers work. This silky smooth lotion is a game-changer, ensuring shears and razors effortlessly glide through hair and over skin, enhancing every cut and shave. Beyond facilitating a smoother workflow, Blade Glide Plus is packed with benefits that extend the life of your blades, moisturize skin and hair, and act as a powerful leave-in conditioner.

Key Benefits of JATAI Blade Glide Plus:

  • Enhanced Tool Performance: Provides a smooth glide for shears and razors, reducing snags and pulls.

  • Hair and Skin Nourishment: Enriched with Provitamin B5 and cationic conditioners, it moisturizes and conditions both hair and skin.

  • Detangling and Conditioning: Acts as a leave-in conditioner, effortlessly detangling hair and smoothing out knots.

  • Blade Longevity: Helps extend the life of your blades by ensuring a smoother cut, reducing wear and tear.

  • Pre-Service Equalizer: Ideal for equalizing hair porosity before perming and coloring, ensuring even results.

JATAI Blade Glide Plus is not just an addition to your toolkit; it’s an essential element that bridges the gap between good and exceptional grooming services.

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