Infalab Magic Touch Nick Relief Powder 0.1 oz

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Infalab Magic Touch Nick Relief Powder 0.1 oz

  • InfaLab Magic Touch powder Styptic, Instantly stops the bleeding from razor nicks and minor cuts or abrasions and neutralizes infection causing bacteria promoting faster healing. 
  • This little vial of powder is an instant fix should the razor slip or bite into a bump? Infalab Nick Relief Styptic Powder is truly the shaver’s friend.
  • Open the lid and upend the tube on your finger or dip in a swap or tissue; the powder stops minor bleeding without a stinging sensation.
  • Used by barbers, definitely knowledgeable about what really works to repair and heal skin post shave, and now available for personal use.
  • Infalab is the maker of many quickly working and effective solutions for skin cuts, insect bites and other personal care challenges.
  • Fendrihan has sourced this hard to find but endlessly useful product line through the Shaving Shop, a range of products aimed at making every shave a good one.
  • Keep your shaving shelf and travel bag stocked with solutions that help close pores, promote healing and attend to minor nicks to be prepared.
  • Our online men?s shaving store is ready to provide the Canadian shaver with these essentials for order day and night.
  • Weight: 0.1 oz [3 g].


  • place moist finger over opened vial and dab styptic powder on minor nicks and cuts.

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