Derby Shaving Stick Kremli

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Derby Shaving Stick [Kremli].

  • The Derby Shaving Soap Stick Is A creamy,  Formula  Provides Incredible Presentation & Comfortable Shaves.
  • Fresh Citrus Scent.
  • World-Class, High-Quality Shaving Stick.
  • Apply On Your Exotic Beard.
  • Use Any Brush to Produce Smooth Lather.

Directions :  

  • Wet the area to be shaved with hot water, then rub the end of the stick over the area to be shaved.
  • Run hot water over the shaving brush, and shake some of the excess water out.
  • Swirl brush in a circular motion along with short back and forth strokes to build the lather directly on the skin, adding small amounts of hot water to the brush as needed.
  • Build lather until the desired consistency is achieved.


  • Potassium tallowate, potassium cocoate, stearic acid, sodium palm kernelate, aqua, disodium distrylbiphenyl disulfonate, CL77891, paraffinum liquidum, parfum, geraniol, benzyl alcohol, linalool, glycerin

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