Campbell’s Pre-mixed Shave Cream 12oz

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Campbell’s Pre-mixed Shave Cream 12oz

  • Campbell’s lather Shave Cream is the best for hot lather shaves, also Formulated to provide super-wet hot lather shaves.
  • Best used for full shaves or detail work.
  • This is 12oz of Campbell’s Pre-Mixed Shave Cream Solution for your LatherKing hot lather machine.
  • This is the ORIGINAL Campbell’s formula, now conveniently pre-mixed for barbers! Using your lather machine has never been easier!


  • Shake solution prior to filling LatherKing soap cup. DO NOT OVERFILL.  Solution must heat in machine for 30 minutes prior to use for best lather (Cool soap produces poor lather).


  • deionized water, potassium, hydroxide, propylene glycol, coco fatty acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, cocamidopropylamine oxide, phosphoric acid, fragrance

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