BlackIce Hair Building Fiber Screw On Applicator

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Black Ice Hair Building Fiber Screw On Applicator.

  • Spray Applicator can fit Toppik & Xfusion fiber bottles as well.
  • Instant solution for the age-old problem of hair loss and thinning.
  • Apply hair building fiber over thinning areas: Remove the cap and position bottle over your head, holding it at a 15 degree angle.
  • Gently tap the fibers over your hair until the thinning areas are no longer visible and you are satisfied with the fullness and volume of your hair
  • Pat the Hair Building Fibers into your hair and gently blend them into your natural hair. Doing this will make the hair building fibers completely undetectable.
  • Just use a little bit of Hair Building Fiber Lock Spray for added control.
  • If you need to remove hair fibers from your hair, just wash the product with shampoo.
  • It really is that easy!
  • Model: #BIC001APP

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