BarberGeeks LUXURY LIFE APRON LADIES EDITION – Black with red stiches

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BarberGeeks LUXURY LIFE APRON LADIES EDITION – Black with red stiches.

BarberGeeks focuses on catering to everyone in the field of barbering and more then ever woman have been dominating the barber world too but companies fail to include woman in their products. Thats where BarberGeeks come in. We put a lot of thought into creating this ladies apron. This is one of the hottest aprons out in the market today.


  • This apron is designed to show that a woman can also look and feel powerful in the barber field.
  • It’s upper chest area is cut for more of a feminine look but still keeps its unique and powerful image.
  • The apron is cut differently then the men aprons to fit a woman’s body better.
  • Unlike the men aprons these pockets have a softer more rounded edges so that it wont lose the female barber’s physical appearance.
  • It comes with 2 neck straps for a better fit if a woman is bigger or smaller in the chest area.

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