Barber Head light LED Strip Band – Black

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Barber Head light LED Strip Band – Black

The LED Headlamp lights up the entire area in front of you from a lightweight headband. LED lights are positioned on a flexible strip to provide a 230° area of illumination. The lightweight, Ultra Lowprofile design is comfortable to wear and adjustable to any head size or even to fit over hats. This LED Headlamp provides a wider, brighter light than any traditional headlamp.

  • Wave sensor-with side wave sensor and a touch buckle, wear this headlight outdoors;
  • Easy to work with long-distance light-in addition to the wide-angle field of view provided by the wide beam LED, a separate side LED can be lit Up to 100 meters;
  • Safety lighting-illuminate the user, the front ground, and the user’s surroundings to ensure safety and avoid accidents;
  • Wide-angle view-wide-angle beam LED provides 210 degrees of viewing angle, no dead ends on the front;
  • Easy to clean-front Made of rubber material, waterproof and sweat proof, and easy to clean;
  • The small and light-the whole is small and light, there is no weight on the head, and it is easy to carry.

Operation Instruction

  • Press the Power Switch to turn on the headlamp into the COB 100% mode.
  • Press the Power Switch a second time into COB 40% mode.
  • Third time presses the Power Switch into XPE 100% mode.
  • Fourth time press the Power Switch into XPE 40% mode.
  • Press the Power Switch fifth to turn it off.(In any mode, after 60 seconds, press the power button to turn off the light directly)Press the Power Switch 2 seconds into the Flash Light mode.
  • Turn on the sensor switch, and enter the Sensor mode.
  • Under this mode, you can control the switch of the headlight by waving your hand(The sensor area is located around the Sensor Switch)

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