Andis Blade Care Plus Jar 16.5oz

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Andis Blade Care Plus Jar 16.5oz.

Andis Blade Care Plus 7 in 1 is formulated for hairstylists, barbers, animal groomers, and vets. It washes away hair, buildup, and preservatives that accumulate on clipper blades.

This easy and effective 7-in-1 product is enriched with Vitamin E and natural decontaminate. Works as a coolant, deodorizer, lubricant, cleaner, rust preventative, and decontaminate. Within ten seconds Andis Blade Care Plus 7-in-1 Dip Jar already has your blades clean lubricated and cool for optimal use.

  • Washes away hair and buildup
  • Removes bacteria
  • Lubricant
  • 16oz
  • blueish/greenish color

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