Wahl 19 Liquid Lather 12oz

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Wahl 19 Liquid Lather 12oz

  • Wahl Professionals line of products, the 19 Premixed Liquid Lather is intended for professional use only with the Wahl 19 Liquid Lather Machine.
  • Wahls 19 Premixed Liquid Lather solution is ready-to-go right out of the bottle, simply our in, heat up, and you are ready to go.
  • Available in two sizes, our lather contains vitamin E to soothe the skin, making it suitable and beneficial for sensitive skin types.
  • To use Wahl Professional 19 Premixed Liquid Lather, remove the lid of your Wahl 19 Liquid Lather Machine, take out the retaining bottle, and unscrew the pump. Fill bottle up to [but not past] the fill line with liquid lather.
  • Allow to heat for 50 minutes for optimal use.
  • Wahl 19 Premixed Liquid Lather [#68907-100] comes in a re-sealable 64 ounce bottle and a 12 ounce bottle [#68900].
  • Designed for use with the Wahl Professional 19 Liquid Lather Machine.

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