MD 6 slot barber buddy clipper holder

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MD 6 slot barber buddy clipper holder.
  •  With the 6-slotted "Barber Buddy" Clipper Rack, all of your hair clippers and various electrical tools will stay organized and out of your way.
  • You can screw the barber tool holder rack onto the lip of a table or hook it in place with a Velcro setup,
  • the parts to use either method are included with purchase.
  • Any hair dryer, clipper or straightening iron will fit in this handy accessory, making it a must have for barbers and stylists alike!
  • Pick one up for yourself or, if you own a shop, grab one for every barber’s chair and keep your tools neat and tidy! Measures approx.
  • [18.5"] long.

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